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fine print

Rules, rules, rules.

Just like being there!

Just like being there!


The fine print. Our aim is to keep this interactive and live.

  1. Please make sure that you can commit to the time and date for the webinar as the cost cannot be refunded.

  2. As all the webinars will be prerecorded, recordings of the webinar will be available to view if you have missed the webinar or if you are in a different and more inconvenient time zone. Access to the recorded webinar for locals will be on a case by case basis under agreement between the participant and Aer Healthcare.

  3. The first come/first served basis for sleep test data inclusion in the 5 cases presented is designed to keep the interactive content viable and valid.

  4. We expect an appropriate level of community standards. Our webinars aim to encourage expression and discussion within a safe environment. Aer Healthcare expects a general level of courtesy from all participants while they are online with the cohort