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Sleep testing can be an uncomfortable experience. We all know how that first night in a hotel room is disrupted by the strange and unfamiliar surroundings. Sleeping in a strange bed makes no sense to alot of people who want to find out why their home sleep patterns are not giving them the rest that they seek.

A sleep test at home should be a better idea. Some sleep testing services look easy and simple, but the information that they gather is not at a high level. The quality of the test is sacrificed for ease of use. The delivery of most home care services is weighted to benefit the professional.

You need a service that puts you first. A service that makes home sleep testing easy for you without losing out on the quality. You need a provider who takes care of all of the running around for you. A provider who delivers cutting edge delivery of the sleep test that bring to you a high level of quality that is also easy and simple to use.

Aer Healthcare delivers Medicare funded home based sleep assessment with more features than any other sleep test, in the comfort of your own bed. We deliver and pickup better than Domino's and Uber combined. Our services are the best and most convenient sleep tests you will find anywhere in Australia. We also partner up with local clinics in your area for therapies and our sleep scientist is available online for sleep advice.

Welcome to the best sleep therapy centre delivered direct to your home. Welcome to Aer Healthcare.


Snoring and Sleep and Bruxism

What is snoring?

Snoring is that annoying noise that keeps your partner up at night. This noisy past time is also a signal that damage is occurring to your soft palate. Depending on the level of snoring vibration, you may also be doing damage to your heart. Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) can cause blood pressure changes that can damage the heart.

What is Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB)?

SDB is everything else that can cause you to not breathe well at night. Aer Healthcare is part of the “dental sleep medicine” initiative (DSM). DSM brings another level of diagnosis and therapy options to people suffering from SDB, even if they have been told that they do not have OSA but they still feel tired during the day.

What is sleep bruxism?

Sleep bruxism, or grinding one’s teeth at night, is a condition that can result in disrupted sleep and tooth damage. The condition can be associated with factors such as daytime stress, anxiety, caffeine intake and sleep apnoea. If your partner has sleep bruxism, you can sleep with earplugs to avoid being awakened by the sounds of the grinding. But what if you are the one suffering from sleep bruxism?




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Sleep Diagnostic and Therapy Services


Aer Healthcare cooperates with sleep physicians, technologists, and scientists in a progressive team approach so that you get a comprehensive diagnosis. The Aer sleep report is much more than a set of numbers; we provide details. You will receive two reports from the one set of data on sleep and bruxism.


Oral appliances that are intelligently designed with the latest research on working solutions for sleep are our speciality. The Aer Dorsal is combined with the Aer Shield for competent tongue posture at night. A clearer and more patent airway in all positions is what we strive to achieve for every patient.


Australian home sleep studies are some of the best sleep studies in the world. Medicare demands hospital quality sleep studies for home sleep testing. You will always sleep better at home. Our system for at home sleep studies has been refined for the most accurate quality data available in home sleep testing.


The field of CPAP “breathing machines” is filled with options and solutions. We can help you to find your best solution for better and more comfortable positive air pressure support. Custom masks can deliver a relaxing and pleasant experience.


Sleep quality is damaged by jaw movement and tooth grinding (bruxism). Morning headaches and worn and cracked teeth are common warning signs. We collect extra data in our sleep studies that others do not so that you find out more about your grinding when it is happening at night.


For some people, CPAP or an oral appliance is not enough. Aer Healthcare specialises in combination therapy so that your sleep is as sound as you dream it could ever be.


Sleep is the best meditation
— Dalai Lama


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