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Sleep medicine, and oral appliances have become an area of great interest, the public at large are more discerning than ever. Australia now ranks sleep related problems. In 2011, for example, Deloitte Access Economics estimated that sleep disorders cost the Australian health care system $818 million – more than asthma and stroke – while sleep problems cost the economy $3.1 billion in lost productivity.

Aer Healthcare is the trading name of a disruptive pathway that ODL Sleep Services Pty Ltd has commercialised for the benefit of the one in three bad sleepers in Australia at this time. CEO of Aer healthcare, Chris Kelly, has been putting his mind to better oral appliance design for more than ten years.

Sleep 2008 and 2010, in Baltimore and San Antonio in the USA, saw Chris demonstrate his own invention, an FDA Cleared medical device “The Airwayease MAS” (oral appliance); with keen interest from dentists and RSPGT (sleep technicians). “The Freedom MRD” was an advanced step forward from the Airwayease MAS and solves many issues that oral appliances present to the therapy. The latest and best offering, the Aer Dorsal oral appliance brings a new and better approach to the therapy that these appliances can offer the patient. These issues are clearly explained by Chris in his seminars. Chris completed the Fundamentals of sleep medicine course held at Sydney University in 2012. This week long intense course is an in-depth journey into the field of sleep medicine. Aer is supported by Chris’s ongoing university studies at the University of Sydney.

Chris has participated in presentations on the subject of OSA and Sleep medicine from a dental perspective as well as from a durable medical equipment provider (DME provider) point of view. Chris has delivered presentations to small groups of dentists, and groups of clinical dental technicians in New Zealand, as well as Dental Prosthetists’ in Australia over the last couple of years. Dentists have enjoyed personal assistance with their patients for oral appliances across Australia in most states on a case by case basis over the last year. DME provision is an emerging cross over area that dental prosthetists can become involved in; the combination of scope for oral appliance record taking and construction, plus efficiency follow up screening for oral appliances, and further to this, the provision of DME equipment to patients (CPAP). Aer Healthcare enjoys provides a comprehensive service to patients who need therapy for OSA and enjoys functional relationships with referring dentists and specialists.


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Our Staff



Christopher Kelly

Chris Kelly is a dental prosthetist since 1998 and a sleep scientist with 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing oral appliances, and clinical expertise for oral appliances used in obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and simple snoring. He continues his studies of the Science of Sleep Medicine at Sydney University.

Chris uses the unique knowledge base he has accumulated over the years to design oral anti-snoring appliances. His patented Aer Dorsal splint creates room in the mouth for the tongue and addresses the patient’s tongue posture and hyoid bone position.

Aer Healthcare, under the guidance of Chris and his dedicated staff, provides medical clinical pathway solutions for dental sleep medicine sleep testing protocols, which are partly funded by Medicare, for home sleep testing. Aer Healthcare also educates dentists on dental sleep medicine so that they can participate in these testing services.

The focus on upper airway patency and bruxism that the dental clinic provides allows for a specific and disruptive approach to sleep diagnostics that in turn allows for greater insight into the fragmentation of a patient’s sleep. The therapies that Aer Healthcare provides addresses these fragmenting influences during sleep.

The services that Aer Healthcare offers starts with bruxism and sleep testing in one easy to do test at home. This service progresses through an end to end pathway that guides the patient on a journey of discovery to solutions for OSA and snoring..



Post Graduate Certificate in Science in Medicine (Sleep Medicine) 2019

Advanced Certificate in Dental Prosthetics, 1998

Certificate in Dental Technology, 1986

Activities & Affiliations

  • Australian Sleep Association - full member

  • ASIC registered Dental Health Practitioner (Dental Prosthetist)




Gillian Jones

Gillian is our Chief Operating Officer. Aer has introduced Gillian to roles that allow for expression in words on subjects relating to bad sleep, snoring and issues people face all around the world with disrupted sleep. Look out for Gillian’s insightful blogs as they become available.

Gillian’s day to day role involves helping people to understand how to use the equipment they take home for the overnight sleep test.



University of Technology Sydney
Honours Communications (1st degree), 2017

University of Technology Sydney
B.A. Communications 2016