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CPAP and custom mask details


CPAP services and custom nasal mask manufacture and delivery


Nasal masks made to fit to your nose

A natural feel to breathing with a CPAP

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Australia has the best choices for CPAP

positive air pressure machines have evolved to remote monitoring devices so you can feel safe and rested

Our CPAP services are available directly from Aer Healthcare clinics or via our partnerships with the local Philips Respironics pharmacy locations.

  • CPAP trials for two weeks to a month ( or longer if that suits) under prescription by our sleep physicians. You do the trial at home and our services find the best therapy levels for you.

  • We monitor your progress and keep you informed. We always have a follow up appointment with you and this is part of the one off rental fee for the month.

  • No risk try before you buy option

  • Standard mask rentals and sales, your choice in the best of the best.

  • Custom nasal masks for more experienced CPAP users. Our Aer Healthcare centre dental staff are in a unique position to be able to use their skills for detail and accuracy in a cross over service that allows you to access the most comfortable and accurate mask fits available at this time.


Remotely monitored easy therapy

you have us with you when you need us.

Philips, Fisher & Paykel, Resmed?

all of these companies offer premium services and we can help you to experience what you need to so that your THERAPY choice is EDUCATED and confident.

Our custom mask solution is simply more accurate and comfortable than the off the shelf masks.

When you wear an Aer nasal mask, you don’t feel like you are in a wind tunnel any more.

More than 40% of CPAP users give up with the therapy after 12 months.

Most of the reasons for abandonment were to do with the mask.

Book in and see the Aer Comfort custom nasal mask. 5 minutes of your time could give you hours of better sleep, and better days.


This way you can feel the difference that this therapy gives you. Our Somnibel Pro device and software collects snoring data during the month.

Somnibel Pro is the dentists and specialists for diagnostic purposes and you can then buy a patient based somnibel that is very competitively priced.

The patient based Somnibel is $298.00 AUD plus shipping.

The professional somnibel is $589.00 AUD plus shipping.

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Breathe better at night more often