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Returns policy


Returns Policy


1.       Aer Healthcare guarantee that goods are of acceptable quality when sold to a consumer.

This means that the goods are;

•         fit for all the purposes for which goods of that kind are commonly supplied

·         acceptable in appearance and finish

·         free from defects

·         safe

·         durable (Aer Dorsal and other Nylon type splint base will last as manufactured for 5 years; Aer Dorsal Silicone fins will last if manufacturers cleaning instructions are followed for 12 months)


2.       Aer Healthcare guarantee that their description of goods (for example, in a catalogue or television commercial) is accurate


3.       Aer Healthcare guarantee that the goods will satisfy any extra promises made about them (express warranties)

•         the quality, state, conditions, performance or characteristics of the good

•         what the good can do and for how long

•         the availability of servicing, supply of parts or identical goods.


4.       Aer Healthcare guarantees that goods will be reasonably fit for any purpose the consumer or supplier specified


5.       Aer Healthcare guarantees that goods will match any sample or demonstration model and any description provided


6.       Aer Healthcare guarantees they have the right to sell the goods (clear title), unless they alerted the consumer before the sale that they had ‘limited title’


7.       Aer Healthcare guarantees that no one will try to repossess or take back goods, or prevent the consumer using the goods, except in certain circumstances—see undisturbed possession


8.       Aer Healthcare guarantees that goods are free of any hidden securities or charges and will remain so, except in certain circumstances, such as a supersedence and cessation of the current model available.


9.       Aer Healthcare guarantee they will take reasonable steps to provide spare parts and repair facilities for a reasonable time after purchase (base of appliance for 5 years unless the device is wilfully damaged either by the purchaser, or their pets) (Silicone fins to be replaced in the event of a newer fin becoming available and the older fin superseded, or the fins are less than 12 months old and the cleaning instruction has been satisfied)