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Gillian Jones

Gillian is our chief organisational officer. Aer has introduced Gillian to roles that allow for expression in words on subjects relating to bad sleep, snoring and issues people face all around the world with disrupted sleep. Look out for Gillian’s insightful blogs as they become available.

Gillian’s day to day role involves helping people to understand how to use the equipment they take home for the overnight sleep test.

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chris kelly

Chris Kelly is a dental prosthetist since 1998 and a sleep scientist with 15 years of experience in designing and manufacturing oral appliances, and clinical expertise for oral appliances used in obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) and simple snoring. He continues his studies of the Science of Sleep Medicine at Sydney University.

Chris uses the unique knowledge base he has accumulated over the years to design oral anti-snoring appliances. His patented Aer Dorsal splint creates room in the mouth for the tongue and addresses the patient’s tongue posture and hyoid bone position.

Aer Healthcare, under the guidance of Chris and his dedicated staff, provides medical clinical pathway solutions for dental sleep medicine sleep testing protocols, which are partly funded by Medicare, for home sleep testing. Aer Healthcare also educates dentists on dental sleep medicine so that they can participate in these testing services.

The focus on upper airway patency and bruxism that the dental clinic provides allows for a specific and disruptive approach to sleep diagnostics that in turn allows for greater insight into the fragmentation of a patient’s sleep. The therapies that Aer Healthcare provides addresses these fragmenting influences during sleep.

The services that Aer Healthcare offers starts with bruxism and sleep testing in one easy to do test at home. This service progresses through an end to end pathway that guides the patient on a journey of discovery to solutions for OSA and snoring.

 Supporting literature for our approach here at Aer healthcare