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 Supporting literature for our approach here at Aer healthcare


What is Obstructive sleep apnoea?

OSA and OSAS are both medical conditions that affect peoples sleep, and OSAS carries over to the day time by making people sleepy during the day. The are many parts to OSA and these parts are best discovered by functional sleep tests.

The prevalence of each sleep disorder was calculated in the Australian population aged 20 years and over. These prevalence rates do not overlap, that is they have been adjusted to avoid counting people with multiple disorders, by only counting the primary sleep condition.

In 2010 there were an estimated 1.5 million Australians (8.9% of the population) with these sleep disorders, comprising approximately:

• 775,000 people with OSA (4.7%);

• 492,000 people with primary insomnia (3%); and

• 199,000 people with RLS (1.2%).

Costs may be underestimated given the prevalence of people experiencing symptoms of insomnia,

RLS or OSA is substantially higher than the proportion of people who are diagnosed with these conditions, and given the exclusion of other sleep conditions.

To view a detailed report on this subject, please click on the link to the Deloitte access economics survey, “Reawakening Australia”

What is sleep disordered breathing?

SDB is everything else that can cause you to not breathe well at night. Aer Healthcare is part of the “dental sleep medicine” initiative. DSM brings another level of diagnosis and therapy options to people suffering from SDB even if they have been told that they do not have OSA but they still feel tired during the day

How we help you

Online medical referral service

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Our diagnostic tests are second to none

Our sleep physician and RSPGT sleep technician are the best in the business

  1. Diagnostic testing for OSA and SDB

    We use type 2 Medicare ( Australia) bulk billed testing with a co-payment for the very important extra signals we monitor. We look at the dental sleep medical model that includes bruxism and temporomandibular disorders (TMD)

    • You receive a sleep report that outlines your level of OSA

    • You also receive a dental sleep bruxism report that outlines other factors that disrupt your sleep and contributes to your TMD

2. Oral appliance therapy options after the diagnosis has been handed over by our sleep physicians


Custom Aer Dorsal option

This one of our premium services

Our therapy options give you choices

  • Trial oral appliances for snoring and sleep apnoea- low cost that you can try before you buy

  • Custom oral appliances that are reasonably priced and that are lightweight and comfortable

  • Positional apnoea therapy devices, sometimes this is all you need


Nasal masks made to fit to your nose

A natural feel to breathing with a CPAP

3. CPAP services and custom nasal mask manufacture and delivery

Our CPAP services are available directly from Aer Healthcare clinics or via our partnerships with the local Philips Respironics pharmacy locations.

  • CPAP trials for two weeks to a month (or longer if that suits) under prescription by our sleep physicians. You do the trial at home and our services find the best therapy levels for you

  • No risk try before you buy option

  • Standard mask rentals and sales, your choice in the best of the best

  • Custom nasal masks for more experienced CPAP users. Our Aer Healthcare centre dental staff are in a unique position to be able to use their skills for detail and accuracy in a cross over service that allows you to access the most comfortable and accurate mask fits available at this time


Diagnostic Services

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You want to know more about your sleep.

you need answers beyond snoring and staying awake- after all, we only remember when we are awake during our sleep

We don’t remember the good times, only the bad times

  • Snoring

  • Choking

  • Being sleepy during the day

  • Having pain in the jaws in the morning

  • Having headaches in the morning

  • Being a little touchy all day


Advanced device choices:

To have more room for your tongue

Oral appliance therapy options

You need a comfortable and functional oral appliance.

Most device companies promise comfort, we deliver it with the most current and up to date digital technologies.

Our intra oral scanning and digital computer design workflow eliminates all of the age old human errors that means your appliance fits and works every time.


Positional therapy options

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We can offer you a trial of Somnibel therapy

Aer can let you trial Somnibel for a month for a low fee.

This way you can feel the difference that this therapy gives you. Our Somnibel Pro device and software collects snoring data during the month.

Somnibel Pro is the dentists and specialists for diagnostic purposes and you can then buy a patient based somnibel that is very competitively priced.

The patient based Somnibel is $298.00 AUD plus shipping.

The professional somnibel is $589.00 AUD plus shipping.

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