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Here are some frequently asked questions.

Is the course easy to access?

The course will be hosted on STEALTH SEMINARS . Stealth seminars is an online hosting platform that allows for prerecorded seminars to be delivered to you on demand. This means you can watch the seminar when you wish while it is online. After this we intend to host the watched videos on a password protected portal on our site.

We don’t just fall asleep in front of videos, do we?

Online tutorials will be live webinars and for international participants, videos that you watch in your own time during the module period. These videos available for two to three weeks after the live webinar

I have patients that I want to start treating now can you help me with that?

It is your choice to have your own home sleep testing gear to test your own patients with Medicare part funded assistance all looked after for you by the services offered by Australia’s leading “dental focused” diagnostic testing service, Aer Healthcare. You can also partner up with a local pharmacy that uses Philips home healthcare products. Aer Healthcare bruxism analysis will be added to the diagnostic report – you are assisted in this process by Aer Healthcare.


this sounds great, but what if i have questions? Isn’t that a problem with remote learning

Interactive live tutorials as webinars mean that you are not just watching videos. International students may have an opportunity for their own webinar if enough participants from the GMT time zone all sign up.

Other courses only offer email assistance, we will have that too. You will even be able to chat with the course convener if the issue is worrying you.

Please note, a fair play policy that is simply “If it is well covered in the materials and you just can’t be bothered to read, then you will be dismissed with regard to your enquiry” applies- we are all grownup now!

Any other questions?