Sleep Study Interactive Webinar and Study Club

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Monthly webinar for dentists doing sleep studies.

Let’s talk about your sleep studies with a focus on the dental side.


Congratulations on embarking on your journey into dental sleep medicine (DSM).

DSM is a rewarding field that is light years away from the “run of the mill” dentistry normally done in dental clinics.

Various OSA courses teach you the theory of sleep medicine and some dental sleep medicine.

Chris Kelly, Aer Healthcare’s sleep scientist in residence, lectures at some of these courses throughout the year.

Dentists are likely to have patients who need help with their snoring and OSA problems because they are having problems wearing their CPAP. Randomly making snoring appliances without adequate training is NOT the answer. Over the counter sleep apnea treatment is not the answer.

This webinar series and interactive study group is designed to allow for discussion of the sleep test results you are seeing on a week to week basis. Aer Healthcare has a network of professionals that are highly experienced in practising in the field of oral sleep medicine. You can become your own dental sleep center.


We are using a convenient interactive webinar format that is “on demand”

You can watch it and comment when you want

Learn in your own space

Learn in your own space

Submit your case presentations for the webinars

  • 5 cases will be discussed during the webinar

  • Cases can be uploaded in PDF format- we will do the rest.


  • All cases that are reviewed will be “blinded” from the webinar participants. The dentist providing the case will receive a unique case number

  • All patient details will be redacted from the case presentation


  • Availability of the 5 case presentation spots will be on a first come, first serve basis for every webinar

  • The webinar will proceed on a “just in time” program. You never have to wait for a specific day and time The “date range” for your sleep test discussion will be set ready for you to watch as part of your monthly subscription.

  • Subsequent webinars for that month will be offered when the maximum number of 5 subscribed case presentations have been fulfilled.

  • There is no limit to allowed subscribed observers per webinar; even if you do not have a sleep study in the webinar, you will still be able to ask questions.

  • All questions asked will be answered in the “recap” in the next webinar.


  • Our bespoke interactive Q&A is driven by our participant’s topic requests that arise from each webinar

  • The topics will be offered up during the webinar by participants

  • These topics will be researched and presented in the very next webinar - this allows for structured and comprehensive information dissemination as well as opportunity for examination of the topics. A maximum of 5 topics per Q&A will be discussed

    Diagnosis in the sleep reports will be discussed, we will all learn together what options can be considered for that patient and what therapy the dental clinic can participate in for that patient

Rules, rules, rules.

Just like being there!

Just like being there!


The fine print. Our aim is to keep this interactive and live.

  1. Please make sure that you can commit to the time and date for the webinar as the cost cannot be refunded.

  2. As all the webinars will be prerecorded, recordings of the webinar will be available to view if you have missed the webinar or if you are in a different and more inconvenient time zone. Access to the recorded webinar for locals will be on a case by case basis under agreement between the participant and Aer Healthcare.

  3. The first come/first served basis for sleep test data inclusion in the 5 cases presented is designed to keep the interactive content viable and valid.

  4. We expect an appropriate level of community standards. Our webinars aim to encourage expression and discussion within a safe environment. Aer Healthcare expects a general level of courtesy from all participants while they are online with the cohort

Chris Kelly knows his way around the sleep study data;
His expert assistance helps me to plan my patient’s therapy
— Dr E (a happy course participant)
Photo by gpointstudio/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by gpointstudio/iStock / Getty Images


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Is the course easy to access?

The course will be hosted on STEALTH SEMINARS . Stealth seminars is an online hosting platform that allows for prerecorded seminars to be delivered to you on demand. This means you can watch the seminar when you wish while it is online. After this we intend to host the watched videos on a password protected portal on our site.

We don’t just fall asleep in front of videos, do we?

Online tutorials will be live webinars and for international participants, videos that you watch in your own time during the module period. These videos available for two to three weeks after the live webinar

I have patients that I want to start treating now can you help me with that?

It is your choice to have your own home sleep testing gear to test your own patients with Medicare part funded assistance all looked after for you by the services offered by Australia’s leading “dental focused” diagnostic testing service, Aer Healthcare. You can also partner up with a local pharmacy that uses Philips home healthcare products. Aer Healthcare bruxism analysis will be added to the diagnostic report – you are assisted in this process by Aer Healthcare.


this sounds great, but what if i have questions? Isn’t that a problem with remote learning

Interactive live tutorials as webinars mean that you are not just watching videos. International students may have an opportunity for their own webinar if enough participants from the GMT time zone all sign up.

Other courses only offer email assistance, we will have that too. You will even be able to chat with the course convener if the issue is worrying you.

Please note, a fair play policy that is simply “If it is well covered in the materials and you just can’t be bothered to read, then you will be dismissed with regard to your enquiry” applies- we are all grownup now!

Any other questions?


Course Delivery Mode:

Discuss the cases as you see them in the webinar - Interact with the course convener

single webinar fee to attend is $aud 200.00 and 1.5 hours cpd

10 pack super saver is $AUD 1200.00 and 15 hours CPD

Aer healthcare will use the stealth seminar online learning for the delivery of the course.

participants will RECEIVE a login link for access to the stealth SEMINAR to watch at their own convenience, for a period of 1 month

  • At least 1 webinar per month

  • Online case discussion live and interactive

  • Q&A that is “bespoke” to your needs.

Video Content

Every month when the bespoke delivery demands it, online videos (featuring relevant content) that will only be available for viewing within that 1 month time frame

Live discussion on the case presentations

Privacy assured via redacted case studies that only the providing dentist and Aer employees can identify

ALL participants get to hear and participate in the live discussion, the questions will be addressed in a recap at the next prerecorded webinar.

Topics that require researched answers are communicated to the web master for Aer to follow up and deliver on at the following webinar

You can present as many cases studies as you need to all year.

Options for subscription are month to month or yearly