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Diagnostic details

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Our diagnostic tests are second to none

Our sleep physician and RSPGT sleep technician are the best in the business

Diagnostic Services

We use type 2 Medicare (Australia) that is bulk billed.

There is also a co-payment for the very important extra signals we monitor. We look at the dental sleep medical model that includes bruxism and temporomandibular disorders (TMD).

  • You receive a sleep report that outlines your level of OSA (bulk billed)

  • You also receive a dental sleep bruxism report that outlines other factors that disrupt your sleep and contributes to your TMD (co-payment of $200.00) Your dentist can get a REIMBURSEMENT from your health fund for you if you have coverage- THIS is not available through other sleep test diagnostic services.

Online medical referral service

Aer Healthcare clinics now offers online medical referral services to our sleep test diagnostic services. If your time is limited and you are too busy to get to your GP, we can organise a GP referral letter for you that includes your GP doctor.

Simply choose the “online GP referral” option when you book in with us.

This service is just a low $40.00 extra, and you can pay when you attend.

What should I expect when I do a home sleep study?

You will have a reasonable sleep - not a perfect one. this study technique is well proven to monitor you nighttime health to give you a detailed ANALYSIS of how well you sleep and what - if anything, DISRUPTS your sleep.

What happens if I get it all wrong and it does not work?

We understand that some people take a couple of goes at this. you are not charged again. all we ask for is your time. the second set up appointment is a lot shorter and we go through the pics you took of your set up that you send to us so we can see what happened.

Will I understand these reports?

The reports can be daunting FOR THE uninitiated. In Sydney, Chris Kelly can offer a 5 minute complimentary talk over the results, but you will need to see you dentist for the final decision on any oral appliance. Aer Healthcare can help your dentist with oral appliance options and even clinical solutions in an agreed relationship.

How long is my appointment with Aer healthcare?

Your time with us will last about 1 hour. during that time, our Aer Healthcare staff will take you through how to wear the sleep device and you will go home with photos of your “look” ( its a good one) and full instructions on the “how to” of this test. You will not leave wearing the equipment.

How long does it take to get my test results back?

We take 2 weeks to deliver your results back to you, and when we say you, we mean your doctor and preferable your dentist so that they can explain the results.

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You want to know more about your sleep.

you need answers beyond snoring and staying awake- after all, we only remember when we are awake during our sleep

We don’t remember the good time, only the bad times.

  • Snoring

  • Choking

  • Being sleepy during the day

  • Having pain in our jaws in the morning

  • Having headaches in the morning

  • Being a little touchy all day