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Course Delivery Mode


Course Delivery Mode:

Discuss the cases as you see them in the webinar - Interact with the course convener

single webinar fee to attend is $aud 200.00 and 1.5 hours cpd

10 pack super saver is $AUD 1200.00 and 15 hours CPD

Aer healthcare will use the stealth seminar online learning for the delivery of the course.

participants will RECEIVE a login link for access to the stealth SEMINAR to watch at their own convenience, for a period of 1 month

  • At least 1 webinar per month

  • Online case discussion live and interactive

  • Q&A that is “bespoke” to your needs.

Video Content

Every month when the bespoke delivery demands it, online videos (featuring relevant content) that will only be available for viewing within that 1 month time frame

Live discussion on the case presentations

Privacy assured via redacted case studies that only the providing dentist and Aer employees can identify

ALL participants get to hear and participate in the live discussion, the questions will be addressed in a recap at the next prerecorded webinar.

Topics that require researched answers are communicated to the web master for Aer to follow up and deliver on at the following webinar

You can present as many cases studies as you need to all year.

Options for subscription are month to month or yearly